BU Graduate Workers Union

Union Representatives

Last updated: 10/17/23

We are your union representatives! We’re grad workers at BU who are building our union by talking to our coworkers about the workplace issues that affect all of us. Reach out to any of us to set up a conversation and learn more. You can search by department or name.

For press inquiries regarding our union, contact SEIU Local 509 Communications Director Natalia Berthet Garcia at nberthetgarcia [at] seiu509.org

Photo of Catherine AbouKhalil
Catherine AbouKhalil Political Science
Email: catkhalil97[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Arlo Albelli Computer Science
Email: arlo.albelli[at]gmail.com
Photo of Zara Albright
Zara Albright Political Science
Email: zaracalbright[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Kelley Anderson Bioinformatics
Email: kanderson492[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Jacksyn Bakeberg Mathematics & Statistics
Email: jacksynb98[at]gmail.com
Photo of Maggie Boyd
Maggie Boyd English & American Literature
Email: mlboyd23[at]gmail.com
Photo of Matthew Brewer
Matthew Brewer Philosophy
Email: mattleebrewer[at]gmail.com
Photo of James Brueckel
James Brueckel History
Email: jamesbrueckel[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Anne Callahan American Studies
Email: annecallahan[at]gmail.com
Photo of Alanna Carey
Alanna Carey Biology
Email: alannacarey3[at]gmail.com
Photo of Christian DeMoya
Christian DeMoya Biomedical Engineering
Email: christiandemoya19[at]gmail.com
Photo of Shreya Dutt
Shreya Dutt Economics
Email: shreya.dutt1994[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Cameron Edgar Mathematics & Statistics
Email: camse57[at]gmail.com
Photo of Soala Ekine
Soala Ekine Economics
Email: ekinesoala[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Kate Finnerty Mathematics & Statistics
Email: finnerty.k[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Takumi Hawes Chemistry
Email: takumi.hawes[at]gmail.com
Photo of Kelsy Hillesheim
Kelsy Hillesheim School of Theology
Email: kelsyhillesheim[at]gmail.com
Photo of Chloe Kekedjian
Chloe Kekedjian Materials Science & Engineering
Email: chloegk9[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Neal Kewalramani Bioinformatics
Email: nramani611[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Alex Kohut Linguistics
Email: kohutae[at]gmail.com
Photo of Ben Krewson
Ben Krewson Mathematics & Statistics
Email: bkrewson18[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Lina Kroehling Bioinformatics
Email: lina.kroehling[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Linda Kwak School of Theology
Email: Linda.y.kwak[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Max Levine Economics
Email: m.m.levine[at]gmail.com
Photo of Emily Litterer
Emily Litterer School of Theology
Email: littereremily[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Chelsea Lopez Biology
Email: cestephens23[at]gmail.com
Photo of Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald Marketing
Email: tyler.f.macdonald[at]gmail.com
Photo of Khalid Mohamed
Khalid Mohamed Astronomy
Email: kmohamed10184[at]gmail.com
Photo of Eric Munson
Eric Munson Computer Science
Email: eric[at]munsonfam.org
Photo of Jairaj Narendran
Jairaj Narendran Materials Science & Engineering
Email: jairajnarendran[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Quan Nguyen Mechanical Engineering
Email: quannguyen0520[at]gmail.com
Photo of Oluwatosin Olayinka
Oluwatosin Olayinka Bioinformatics
Email: demonslayerguy[at]gmail.com
Photo of Eleanor Oser
Eleanor Oser Philosophy
Email: eleanoroser8[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Jasmine Pan PsychologyPsychology
Email: jpan3580[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Kelsey Quinn English & American Literature
Email: kelseygquinn[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Arthur Savage Electrical & Computer Engineering
Email: arthursavage47[at]gmail.com
Photo of Erica Schoenberg
Erica Schoenberg Film and TV
Email: emschoenb[at]gmail.com
Photo of Gabe Schumm
Gabe Schumm Physics
Email: gabes135[at]berkeley.edu
Photo of Lily Seitelman
Lily Seitelman Economics
Email: lilyseitelman[at]gmail.com
Photo of Ryan Senne
Ryan Senne Neuroscience
Email: senne.acct[at]outlook.com
No Photo Available
Vishal Shah Bioinformatics
Email: Vishah2001[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Anthony Spinella Biochemistry
Email: anthspinella[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Tianchen (Michael) Tang Mathematics & Statistics
Email: michaeltang99[at]icloud.com
Photo of Liz Tchantouridze
Liz Tchantouridze Bioinformatics
Email: goonghah[at]gmail.com
Photo of Meghan Townes
Meghan Townes American Studies
Email: megtow[at]gmail.com
Photo of Matt Tracy
Matt Tracy Chemistry
Email: matt_tracy[at]protonmail.com
Photo of Anna Tsatsos
Anna Tsatsos Physics
Email: annactstatsos[at]gmail.com
Photo of Corinne Vietorisz
Corinne Vietorisz Biology
Email: crvietorisz[at]gmail.com
Photo of Lucia Vilallonga
Lucia Vilallonga Mathematics & Statistics
Email: luciamvila[at]gmail.com
Photo of Chas Walker
Chas Walker Political Science
Email: chasbwalker[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Nairan Wu Linguistics
Email: nairan.wu[at]gmail.com
Photo of Maria Yampolskaya
Maria Yampolskaya Physics
Email: mariayampol[at]gmail.com
No Photo Available
Xinyu Zhou Mathematics & Statistics
Email: beowemil[at]gmail.com