BU Graduate Workers Union


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Rank-and-File Worker Support Fund

The university is likely to withhold our pay when we go on strike. To prepare for this, we have started a hardship fund and are asking for donations to support workers who have their pay withheld. Your donations will help graduate student workers afford rent, food, medical costs, and other necessities.

BU works because we do.

We are graduate students at Boston University who teach, research, and perform other essential jobs. We are fighting for better working conditions for all of us.

For graduate workers:

If YOU want a strong contract with a living wage, dental insurance, international student protections, workload protections, affordable housing, and more, then take action today! We can only win a strong contract if we work together.

If you have questions or don’t know where to begin, start with our frequently-asked questions or reach out to a union representative.